Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jarl Moe Speaker - 5 Ways Of Saving Taxes

Jarl Moe Speaker of international tax planning has been a keynote speaker at several international events on the topics on offshore tax planning. 

Working with offshore strategies of over 10 years I guess you can say that I have learned to think out of the box. Actually there is no school you can go to for learning offshore company strategies, it is something you have to do and learn from the masters that has been around for 25  years.

I was lucky to learn from some of them.
Here are the Jarl Moe 5 ways To Save Taxes strategies:
1) Set up an offshore company with legal agreements with your local company
2) Find a way for the companies to work together moving profits from the local identity to the offshore identity.
3) Set up an offshore payment gateway to interact with your offshore company to sell products and services.
4) By managing the two identities control where money is flowing and when.
5) Delegate the management of your offshore department to a professional in the industry that act as your director or manager.
When people read about the Jarl Moe Speaker on tax planning they never really get the details on how to achieve the 5 ways, but it is easy to achieve it.
Our company Taxwizards can assist you to set up the right structure and manage our part of your company set up.

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