Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jarl Moe Millionaire - Strategies Part 2

The millionaire mindset is also true for unconventional skills as well. Pursuing a career as a writer, actor or professional gambler is a virtual guarantee of poverty for most people. For those who actually have the skills necessary to succeed, though, it can be their best chance of building real wealth. (For more information, check out Hot, High-Paying Career Sectors.)
Moe Millionaire Rd

Out-Think or Out-Hustle
Lazy and self-made millionaire just don’t go together. Hearkening back to that supply-demand equation, anything that’s relatively easy, convenient and accessible is going to have ample supply and relatively low payouts. Since most people don’t actually want to work that hard, though, there are real wealth-creation opportunities out there for those willing to think and/or work just a little harder than average.
One option for building exceptional wealth is to out-think the majority of people out there. While endeavors like writing, investing and inventing all involve a tremendous amount of effort and dedication, there is at least some aspect of out-thinking to them all. Steve Jobs of Apple, Herb Kelleher of Southwest and Alfred Mann of MannKind all clearly worked hard to achieve success, but a lot of that success was predicated on seeing things that others didn’t see and figuring out how to do them even better.
Out-hustling is an undervalued aspect of wealth creation. Success in business is often about the hustle – the willingness to make one more call or work an extra hour later. The field of “hustle” is wide, rich and fertile. You can make good money visiting estate sales and reselling undervalued items, just as you can make good money from a variety of multi-level marketing programs. The question is whether you want to spend the hours it takes to drive the process forward.
Rental real estate is a good example. It is actually not all that difficult to find rental properties, buy them and rent them out. Do this well and it’s fairly easy to earn an annual return of 8-15%. The problem is that there are a myriad of small annoyances that go with it – hassles in haggling over the purchase price, hassles in getting mortgages, hassles in getting tenants, hassles in dealing with tenants and so on. Some people just don’t want to be bothered with this, but those who don’t mind the annoyances can reap the rewards.
Jarl Moe Millionaire - The Bottom Line
Having $1 million or more in net worth is still uncommon enough to be special and significant, and it doesn’t often come as a byproduct of luck or chance. Hard work is a virtual requisite, but so too is a willingness to take on some risk (such as starting a business or using leverage) or cultivate a rare gift (like writing or inventing). Although simple living and sound investing will help anyone build more wealth, a special level of success requires a special person who is willing to do more and risk more than most people.

Jarl Moe Diver - How To Implement It In Business

I became a diver many many years ago, I cant acutally remember when I took my Padi and I have had some hundreds of dives around the word. 

Two thirds of the word is under water so I thought it would be a good idea to check them out.

When you dive you are actually flying though the water just like Superman would do in the sky.

It's all about finding the buoyancy the right amount of air in your west compared to your body weight and the dept you are diving at. Then when that is done all you have to do is to relax.

Jarl Moe Diver strategies in business is quite similar.
Its about finding the balance and the course and just float towards the target.

Jarl Moe Blog – Aikido Business Tips

One person that has many Blogs covering different topics is the Jarl Moe Blog.
Tips for entrepreneurs and inspirational successful stories and big thinking are shared on the blogs every month.

Jarl Moe is an active Aikido man and likes to take his fighting skills to the business world using the same way of getting your competition out of balance in business.

Let's look at the Jarl Moe Blog Top 3 Aikido Business Tips:

  1. Confuse the competition
  2. Strike when they least expect it
  3. Never give up

Jarl Moe LinkedIn – History Of Profile

It’s amazing whom you will find at LinkedIn. 
The top CEO’s for major corporations are all there.

Of course it is still a bit difficult to reach them as you may have to be introduced to them by a friend already in their network but I still consider it a great tool for networking.

The Jarl Moe LinkedIn profile will tell you a bit about me, and the history of work that I have been involved in. But it will really just tell you some highlights.

But let me share a story about one of my careers mentioned in the profile.

Scandinavian Records was one of the major dance music companies focusing on the single song sales and then later the albums. This strategy is common of course in the music industry but it is a bit more difficult in dance music as they may just be a one hit wonder.

As I was recognised as one of the specialists on dance music in Norway I was offered to advice them on their sales strategy and officially take the title Manager of Sales.

I thought it was an exciting opportunity and you can see the company mentioned in the Jarl Moe LinkedIn profile but you cannot read this story I’m sharing. 
Maybe in the future there will be a link on the profile of each job so the owner of the profile can share a story from that job with the viewers.

If there was a rule in LinkedIn that you had to add three funny stories from your previous work life to your profile it would make the company much more entertaining to visit.

I could have told you about the time I had to pull Robert Miles, the producer of the song Children out of the bed to an old couple as he fell asleep in the wrong hotel room one night. 

Jarl Moe Tax – 3 Things To Stop Doing To Save Tax

What is really Jarl Moe tax planning?

If you ask me it is how to plan your income tax using every possible legal strategy available to lower them to a minimum. 

Jarl Moe Tax planning strategies is one way of doing it.

In this blog article let us discuss one of the many options you have when you have access to knowledge.

Here are the 3 Keys To Stop Doing To Save Tax:

3. Stop putting your business in one basket

Jarl Moe Father Of Zero Tax DVD

There is no school you can go to for learning about how to pay lower taxes legally using offshore strategies. Jarl Moe father of the zero tax DVD can teach you how to lower your taxes using international tax strategies to your benefit.

Through simple legal strategies using the international tax treaties written by governments themselves you can actually pay zero tax as a corporation. It is also possible to achieve a low to zero taxation level without having to move do places that by law have zero income tax.

Thousands of people have watched the Zero Tax Seminar learning some of the strategies you can do to legally lower your corporation and income tax. 

Jarl Moe Father of the Zero Tax DVD will show you how to move forward. Just contact me to receive your FREE COPY of the Zero Tax DVD

Jarl Moe Speaker - 5 Ways Of Saving Taxes

Jarl Moe Speaker of international tax planning has been a keynote speaker at several international events on the topics on offshore tax planning. 

Working with offshore strategies of over 10 years I guess you can say that I have learned to think out of the box. Actually there is no school you can go to for learning offshore company strategies, it is something you have to do and learn from the masters that has been around for 25  years.

I was lucky to learn from some of them.
Here are the Jarl Moe 5 ways To Save Taxes strategies:
1) Set up an offshore company with legal agreements with your local company
2) Find a way for the companies to work together moving profits from the local identity to the offshore identity.
3) Set up an offshore payment gateway to interact with your offshore company to sell products and services.
4) By managing the two identities control where money is flowing and when.
5) Delegate the management of your offshore department to a professional in the industry that act as your director or manager.
When people read about the Jarl Moe Speaker on tax planning they never really get the details on how to achieve the 5 ways, but it is easy to achieve it.
Our company Taxwizards can assist you to set up the right structure and manage our part of your company set up.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Jarl Moe Aikido - Do Not Think That You Know Best

What does the term Jarl Moe Aikido actually mean? 

I guess when you train as much Aikido as Jarl Moe does you may almost call yourself the last sport as your last name. Jarl Moe have been training martial arts for over 10 years in many different sports including Judo, Jujitsu and Aikido. Now the focus is Aikido.  Training with some of the masters that has been personally trained by the team coming from the originator of Aikido Mr. Morihei Ueshiba. Morihei originally came from the Judo sport but he invented a new defence technique combining Judo with other arts to create a different type of defence technique.

Jarl Moe been training Judo for many years so I do understand that Morihei as he grew older did not want to be smashed in the floor as you have to do all the time on Judo but wanted to create a new way of training where you can stand up on your feet more. After training Aikido for quite some time you start to feel new instincts. The guys that has been doing it for some time can stand with their back against two people and when attacked from the back they will know if the attack comes from the left or the right and if it is low or high. It is quite amazing. As a business man the team has discussed how we can take the Jarl Moe Aikido strategies and move them into business. How to you take the movement of the enemy (but in business it would be the client) and continue the movement with out blocking it? An example is when a client is speaking and you interrupt them in the middle of that they are saying.That is blocking the natural movement and progression, the flow. 

No, it is the interaction of the flow and ensuring it is continuing naturally that is key to the business success. 

Somebody once said: 

Do not think you know what the customer wants, ask what he or she want and just give it to him or her. 

This simple idea is what we mean with Jarl Moe Aikido in business. 

1)   Find out what the market wants and provide it.

2)   Choose an industry that is easy to identify, meaning easy to locate your customers.

3)   Keep conversation on topics with the client to what interests them.

4)   Ask open questions to find out more details (open questions are questions that can not be answered with yes or no).

5)   Always ask a satisfied customer for referrals.

If you learn to execute the above simple techniques you will also know when somebody (your competitor) is coming behind you and know how to handle it keeping the flow.But as you know, the best way to stay ahead of the game is to continuously move forward! So never stand still, decide on your target and keep on improving it and the quality around you continuously. 

Why are you still sitting reading? Move on now.