Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jarl Moe LinkedIn – History Of Profile

It’s amazing whom you will find at LinkedIn. 
The top CEO’s for major corporations are all there.

Of course it is still a bit difficult to reach them as you may have to be introduced to them by a friend already in their network but I still consider it a great tool for networking.

The Jarl Moe LinkedIn profile will tell you a bit about me, and the history of work that I have been involved in. But it will really just tell you some highlights.

But let me share a story about one of my careers mentioned in the profile.

Scandinavian Records was one of the major dance music companies focusing on the single song sales and then later the albums. This strategy is common of course in the music industry but it is a bit more difficult in dance music as they may just be a one hit wonder.

As I was recognised as one of the specialists on dance music in Norway I was offered to advice them on their sales strategy and officially take the title Manager of Sales.

I thought it was an exciting opportunity and you can see the company mentioned in the Jarl Moe LinkedIn profile but you cannot read this story I’m sharing. 
Maybe in the future there will be a link on the profile of each job so the owner of the profile can share a story from that job with the viewers.

If there was a rule in LinkedIn that you had to add three funny stories from your previous work life to your profile it would make the company much more entertaining to visit.

I could have told you about the time I had to pull Robert Miles, the producer of the song Children out of the bed to an old couple as he fell asleep in the wrong hotel room one night. 

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