Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Personal Development And Tax

Last two days I have been staying in London and checked out the Inner Compass Seminar at Heathrow. I bought Inner Compass September last year as I wanted to penetrate the personal development and NLP market.

It is really an exiting industry and a powerful knowledge system
It never stops to amaze me on how people can change their life`s just by the way they are using their minds, by positive affirmations and visualization.

NLP has also taught me how absolutely essential it is to get out of the rat race and the normal way of doing things.

Most people are on the same train, and it is really going nowhere.
It is a repetition of their previous day, or it is doing the same as everybody else. Not really understanding the power of own direction or specialization or utilizing information.

As you might heard...

There are things that you know
There are things that you don`t know
There are things that you know that you don`t know...

and the biggest thing of all is

The things that you don`t know that you don`t know....

And that is how I feel about NLP

Now, looking at Personal Development and NLP from a business point of view it can do many things for you.

Definitley help you with
  • Goal setting
  • Business Development
  • Understanding your employees
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity

Just to mention some..........

And when it comes to International Tax Planning it is kind of the same...

To get a different result than you are getting now you must think differently, you must apply new knowledge.

My knowledge within this field has previously only been accessible for multimillionaires.
But not anymore, the world has changed and so have we.

Any individual that WANTs to SAVE money and THINK SMARTER can now get access to the same information that previously where not available to you at all..

My question to you would be, what are YOU going to do about it?`

Are you going to get off the train everybody is taking, go a different route and experience a new way?

If you are, let me know

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Best wishes
Jarl Moe