Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jarl Moe on Entrepreneurship

I can't believe how fast time is going. It seems like only yesterday my daughter was borne and I just spoke to her and she is already 17 years old and speaking about her studies in USA. Life for sure just goes faster and faster as we grow older and it is critical to grab the opportunities in our lives before it's "too late". If you ask people for sure they will tell you that Jarl Moe is a true entrepreneur.

I have actually never worked for anybody in my adult life.
From the early beginnings i was sweeping streets outside Grand Hotel in Norway and slowly building ideas and contacts to get into the world of entrepreneurs.

One of the most important lessons I can tell you is to read a lot. While others are playing on their phones, you should be playing with a book and filling that head of yours with new information. You see, not all information is on the internet or on Google:-) Life is more than Facebook and Twitter and all that crap that we now fill our days with.

The content of a new book is not online because it simply is just there... in the book.
The information is for your eyes only, you can't Google it!
Imagine your head like a Facebook account. If it does not have daily streams of useful information it will be a very boring Facebook account, kinda like a Scrapbook account.
The best way to do that is to sit alone and look into the stream of a good book.

So go to the store this week and grab a personal development book that make your head think and work with new data.

You have to fill it with new info and data to make it updated, if not its just not showing your life is it? The same goes for your brain! You have to fill it with useful streams of data to make it work.

Here is the challenge: 80% of all the info and data you get if you don’t control it is simply useless crappy data. You have to control the stream.

People call Jarl Moe the Taxwizard and let me tell you why.

It for sure did not come from me searching the internet for tax advice. It came from pure mentoring from one of the best corporate offshore tax lawyers in the world.
You see, that’s the other way to get new streams of data, mentoring.

What do you want to know more about? What do you want to be best at?
Find the person that is best and that know all you wish you knew and invite them for dinner.
You will be amazed how many specialists within a field that will say yes to a cup of coffee or a meal to share knowledge with you... if you ask in a nice way that is... (nobody like a stalker)

That's it.

My Advice to you, straight from the book of #jarlmoe that I hope I will get time to write soon.

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